Speaker and Mic

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speaker and mic.jpg

Speaker and Mic


Bundle Includes one speaker and one mic for an easy setup to meet your audio needs.

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The QSC K10 is a workhorse. With a 1000 watt amp, you will love the sound coming from this speaker.

  • 2 XLR inputs-Mic and Line
  • 1 Set of rca
  • 2 1/4 inputs
  • One low cut off switch if you are using with the sub.

1 speaker is enough sound for groups of 125 or less.

Sony UTXM03/30 Microphone and Transmitter


The UWP-D series handheld microphone contains a uni-directional microphone capsule. The UTX-M03/30 operates on UHF TV channels 30 - 36 and 38 - 41. This handheld microphone is ideally suited for A/V presentation applications.


The UTX-P03 plug-on transmitter is designed to be used with Sony UWP-D series wireless tuners. It's extremely durable and is well balanced for use with the Sony F-112 – a dynamic microphone suited to cost-effective newsgathering applications. The UTX-P03 plug-on transmitter also accepts line-level audio input signal as well. Whether used in a low-cost ENG or EFP system, the UTX-P03 delivers the convenience of wireless microphone operation including phantom powering at a very affordable price.